Which feature starts a new line whenever a word or sentence reached a border

(A) Text Line
(B) New Line
(C) Text Wrapping
(D) Text Align

In MS Word Software, the text wrapping feature is a powerful tool that allows users to control how text interacts with images, shapes, or other objects inserted into a document. Text wrapping essentially determines the layout of the text around the object, providing flexibility in document design.
Text wrapping options, such as “In Line with Text,” “Square,” “Tight,” or others, determine how text interacts with objects and whether it wraps around them in a specific way. These options control the layout of text in relation to the boundaries of the inserted object, but they do not dictate the overall word-wrapping behavior of the text in the document.

Who is the father of MS Word?

Ctrl + W Shortcut is used in Microsoft Word to_____________?

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