Settlement of border dispute and signing of “Boundary agreement” with China proved a mile stone in the history of Sino-Pak relations.Which of the following diplomats rendered hisservices to finalise the agreement?

(A) Manzoor Qadir
(B) Agha Mohammad Raza
(C) Z.A Bhutto
(D) Mohammad Ali Bogra

The boundary agreement between Pakistan and China, known as the “Sino-Pakistani Agreement on Border Management,” was signed on March 2, 1963. The diplomat who played a crucial role in finalizing this agreement was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who later became the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan. At that time, Bhutto served as the Foreign Minister of Pakistan under President Ayub Khan. The agreement defined the boundary between the Xinjiang region of China and the Northern Areas (now Gilgit-Baltistan) of Pakistan.

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