English Antonyms

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Here are English Antonyms multiple-choice questions (MCQs) along with answers and Explanation to help Aspirants prepare their exams like PPSC, CSS, FPSC, NTS, MDCAT,9th Class,10th Class,1st year & 2nd year.

English Antonyms

(A) Stern
(B) Lenient
(C) Strict
(D) Harsh

(A) Unity
(B) Division
(C) Separation
(D) Split

(A) Meticulous
(B) Careful
(C) Sloppy
(D) Diligent

(A) Joyful
(B) Energetic
(C) Depressed
(D) Lively

(A) Wasteful
(B) Thrifty
(C) Economical
(D) Stingy

(A) Flexible
(B) Pliable
(C) Rigid
(D) Adaptable

(A) Lucky
(B) Unfortunate
(C) Jinxed
(D) Cursed

(A) Clear
(B) Cloudy
(C) Obscure
(D) Murky

(A) Common
(B) Mysterious
(C) Obscure
(D) Enigmatic

(A) Similar
(B) Different
(C) Varied
(D) Diverse

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