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Here you Can read important and most repeated solved Computer Science MCQs to prepare  Multiple-choice questions for your upcoming Test. Including NTS test, ECAT , FPSC, 9th Class MCQs,10th Class, ETEA, PPSC Test, KPPSC Test and Enter tests for university admissions.

Why  Computer Science Subject Solved MCQs are Important for Students and Job Seekers?

Today, Computer Science or Information Technology is one of the most demanding fields of life and questions from Computer science the part of almost every paper. By reading these Computer Science questions regularly, students reinforce their knowledge of the computer science subject and can get the highest score in the computer portion of any paper. After reading these objective questions, students and job Seekers can answer any question related to Software, Hardware, Internet, Programming Languages and Social Media.

Important Note About These objective type Questions Computer Science Subject  Solved MCQs for PPSC, NTS TEST, GAT, ECAT

All the objective questions of Computer Subject have been taken from worthwhile and authentic Sources. Most of the multiple Answers questions have been collected from the Past Papers books. If you find any wrong questions you can comment below the post or contact us.


Computer Science MCQs

(A) 1 inch top and bottom margins
(B) a portrait orientation
(C) 1.25 inches left and right margins
(D) all of the above

(A) 0″
(B) 0.5″
(C) 1″
(D) 1.5″

(A) ‘Data Source’ button
(B) ‘Edit’ button
(C) ‘Edit Data Source’ button
(D) ‘Data Editing’ button

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